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The OSVP 2021

The winners of the International Grand Prix are:

1st prize: OuiCare (Cameroon)

An electronic health record that gives people access to their medical data and enables doctors to see their patients’ current health status and medical history.

2nd prize: Kumulus (Tunisia)

Kumulus produces machines that are the size of a mini fridge and that make 30 liters of drinking water a day using only solar energy and the natural humidity in the air.

3rd prize: Agrinect (Botswana)

Agrinect is a digital company that reduces the cost of marketing and transporting agricultural products in Botswana and across Africa by connecting farmers with their target market.

The winner of the International Women’s Prize:

The Mmaabo App (Botswana) 

A dedicated maternity platform that supports women throughout their pregnancy and following childbirth.