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Project owner's name :
Mr Koroma Joseph
Country of deployment for the project :
Sierra Leone
Sector :
What problem does your company want to solve? :
1. Acutely Low Stock Levels of Blood 2. Maternal and Child Deaths from Blood-Related Causes 3. Extremely Low Levels of Voluntary Donations 4. Poor Communication 5. Data Collection and Analysis
What solution does your company provide? :
1. Increase Support for Blood Services 2. Increase Voluntary Nonremunerated Donors 3. Increase Blood Availability and Blood Data 4. Create Proper Communication 5. Provide knowledge on Blood Donation
Describe your project :
LifeBlood is a digital health platform designed to help address the problem of acute shortages in blood products in the country’s health care delivery system. The system is designed to, among other things: Increase public awareness about safe blood services Increase the level of voluntary blood donation in the population Improve the operating efficiency of facilities administering blood services as well as the National Safe Blood Service Ultimately, the system is expected to improve the overall delivery of safe blood services in the country, as a critical contribution towards reducing maternal and child mortality as well as accident-related deaths. From a utilisation point of view, LifeBlood has three functional modules: NSBS Administrator Module - Ministry of Health & Sanitation staff can utilise to monitor and supervise safe blood service delivery across all Government-owned and private facilities that handle blood-related services in the country. Facility Module - used by hospitals and clinics that engage in blood extraction and storage for use during emergencies and other cases of blood transfusion. Community Module - is delivered via Mobile App and is used by the public to learn about their blood groups, participate in blood donation campaigns, receive alerts when there are cases of emergencies and potential shortages in blood banks; and make financial donations to support the LifeBlood application. Features for Blood Group tests; Blood Donations, Inventory & Stock
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