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Project owner's name :
Mrs Gaabinelwe Oaitse
Country of deployment for the project :
Sector :
What problem does your company want to solve? :
1.Business funding scarcity 2.Unequal opportunities for all entrepreneurs 3.Lack of mentorship 4.Inadequate philanthropy or lack of information on where to go for assistance 5.Lack of networking
What solution does your company provide? :
1.Exposure to all potential investors, even individuals 2.Non-discriminatory and better marketed opportunities 3.Network creation for professionals 4.Provision of resources & info for those in need
Describe your project :
The Liaison mobile application is a networking incubator platform that connects entrepreneurs, freshman career professionals and the socially disadvantaged to resources that can assist them. By connecting the aforementioned to potential investors, established mentors/career professionals and philanthropic organizations or individuals with the means and interest to help those in need, respectively, using in-app chat functions. The app is a one-stop shop for assistance and guidance. 1.Liaison functions to allow for all types of potential investors to exist on the app, be it ordinary individuals with funds or established, large organizations. Anyone with the ability to fund a business will be on the app. This will allow for more businesses to be funded and for entrepreneurs to have their pick on who they want to work with and involve in their business development. The app will also have a business plan generating section, at a cost, in order to generate revenue for the app. Intellectual property protection and Investor protection will be ensured by means of mandatory contracts for both parties. 2.Freshman professionals/graduates and students will have exposure to established, credible professionals to foster mentorship and networking 3. Anyone interested in aiding in philanthropic deeds will be available for contact from vetted individuals who are in need.