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Mobile payment
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BIANE is the one stop solution for all online transactions. Our primary mission is to provide a more reliable and convenient platform suitable for online payments and purchases securely and rapidly.
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BIANE Is a payment platform aimed at solving daily transactions for individuals. It is aimed at providing virtual pre paid cards and facilitate the purchase of cryptocurrencies at affordable rates.
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BIANE is a powerfully integrated multipurpose payment platform which aims at solving daily transaction problems for individuals around the world and especially Africa, where bank processes tend to take time, causing delay in real time payments for their customers who want to make payment for online services. It specialises in services like payment of subscription fees, payment for goods, online courses and buying of research articles, purchase of cryptocurrency and a safer and quicker transfer of funds Nationwide and abroad. It will provide virtual prepaid cards which can be fueled and used by individuals to make online payments. These cards will be made available to all individuals, which includes both bank users and none bank users who are interested in paying for online services and transferring of funds Nationwide and abroad. None bank users will be able to use our platform to obtain and fuel their virtual cards via their mobile money accounts, reducing movements and making online payments and purchase faster and easier. BIANE also specialises in the purchase of crypto currency at affordable rates to all individuals, making cryptocurrency available to locals.