Project owner's name :
Mr Mangwa Bakae
Country of deployment for the project :
Sector :
What problem does your company want to solve? :
Content creation--music, podcasts--is perceived as a risky endeavor but has the potential to unlock opportunities and increase earning capacities of the youth.
What solution does your company provide? :
AirPlay is an audio streaming and download service with local content that fans can support for P0.05 per play charged from airtime.
Describe your project :
Local content creators leveraging concentrated local support can increase their chances of success and earning capacities. Success and increased earnig capacities creates opportunities for others involved in the creation process--producers, sound engineers etc. This in turn encourages more people who are inspired to create content to do it and be able to generate and capture value off content. We believe local fans are ready to support creators in meaningful and impactful ways. AirPlay offers fans affordable pricing plans, innovative and simplified payment methods and digital technologies to legally access and enjoy local content. Making it easier for fans to be supportive empowers them and in turn content creators. This could result in seismic cultural force that can be used to transform emerging markets economies such as our own.