Instructional Technology for Secondary School Educators

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Mr Akaba James
Country of deployment for the project :
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What problem does your company want to solve? :
To narrow the tech gap among educators in Cameroon
What solution does your company provide? :
Instructional Technology Training for Educators in some regions of Cameroon
Describe your project :
We plan to: - Train 120 young teachers on the use of highly-rated instructional technologies for distance education in three regions of Cameroon. This generates a potential to benefit thousands of students (and teachers) yearly; - Train teachers on how to create digital content and how to filter content online doing research; - Set up online learning platforms (website, YouTube Channel etc) for educational content with a professional touch, produced by our project team members; - Step up and coordinate research and local tech development in the area of distance education; - Narrow the tech skills divide; - Mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 school closure and any other going forward; - Inspire teachers to life-long learning using digital tools; - Improve on the overall quality of education being offered by Educators in training (program participants), given their empowerment to content-specific resources online; Furthermore, we expect each project participant to: - master how to use technology for online teaching; - run and record at least 20 online lessons each year on a specific topic to make a series, with accompanying resources (notes, examples, questions), reaching out to conventional and non-conventional students like those in evening schools; - develop online courses; - run blogs, YouTube channels etc. - use technology in very productive ways; - access top-notch online content and draw inspiration from there; - build a teaching legacy online, reaching out to students