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Youth Unemployment rates is a severe social issue and more innovative solutions must be brought up to help assist youth to start up their small business for creation of employments.
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This mobile app empower youth into entrepreneurship and helps curb the unemployment rates.
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The proposed project is an innovative mobile Application platform to empower unemployed youth to venture into entrepreneurship. This business opportunity is supported by many different reasons: • Severe rates of unemployed youth • youth has no or limited skills and support to start-up small businesses. • Most Small enterprises die premature because of lack of business skills, financial problems and support to sustain longer without dissolving Therefore, new solutions should be created to empower unemployment youth to start their small business, on the other hand; helping existing entrepreneurs to sustain longer without dissolving. Solutions to give them entrepreneurial skills and support in a wide range, curbing unemployment rates. The proposed mobile app platform aims to: • Support youth with information they need to start up their small business e.g. the app providing list of existing entrepreneurial institutions that assist youth into entrepreneurship. • Provide list of Secretaries that youth can link with from different entrepreneurial institutions, in order to enquire about things like getting business fund grant to start up small businesses, also to enquire about requirements for fund grant .Also providing some other added advantages empowering youth into entrepreneurship, like providing list of short courses to enrol to, in order to get entrepreneurial skills from different educational institutions.